Duksung Women's University

Reputable women’s college – Duksung Women’s University

Overview- Duksung Women’s University – it is one of the private colleges in Seoul, South Korea. It established in 1920. The school was set up in 1920, as a component of the... Read more »
Ewha Womans University

Private College of South Korea for Women’s – Ewha Womans University

Overview- Ewha Womans University is a private female college in Seoul, South Korea it established by the American Methodist Episcopal Church in 1886. Presently, it is the world’s biggest female instructive foundation... Read more »
Meredith College

An Amazing College for women’s – Meredith College

Overview- Meredith College is a ladies’ aesthetic sciences school and coeducational master’s level college situated in Raleigh, North Carolina. Meredith enlists around 2,000 ladies in its undergrad programs and 300 men and... Read more »
Stephens College

Top women’s College of US – Stephens College

Overview and History Stephens College is a ladies’ school which situated in Columbia, Missouri United State. It is the second-most seasoned female instructive foundation that is still as a ladies’ school in... Read more »
Research University of Engineering

Research University of Engineering

The university is a very popular university. It offers many courses which are like, engineering, science, law, medicine, environment, art, social science, business, computing etc. it provides education for undergraduate and postgraduate... Read more »
Catherine University

Best college for Women – St. Catherine University Minnesota, United States

Overview and foundation St. Catherine University also called St. Kate’s is one of the private Catholic aesthetic sciences colleges which is situated in St. Paul and Minneapolis, United States. The college has... Read more »
Moscow Technical University

Moscow Technical University – Russians greatest university for engineering

Moscow Technical University – it is a Russian Technical University. It has organized in 1947 as All-Union Correspondence Power Institute. In 1967 the administrative determination of June 30, 1967 No. 588 has... Read more »
Moscow Power Engineering Institute

Moscow Power Engineering Institute – Largest University of Russia

Overview and Foundation Moscow Power Engineering Institute- it is a National Research University which is the biggest establishments of its style and is one of the main specialized colleges on the planet... Read more »
University of Queensland

Oldest University of Queensland

Foundation- One of the oldest university in Australia which established in 1909 by state parliament. It is the 5th oldest university and it also is known as sandstone university. University of Queensland... Read more »
University of Sydney

One of the prestigious college for engineering – University of Sydney

Overview and foundation- The University of Sydney is one of the Public Research University. It is situated in Sydney, Australia. The University established in 1850. It is one of the first university... Read more »

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