Dongduk Women's University

Awesome Women’s college of South Korea – Dongduk Women’s University

Overview- Dongduk Women’s University – It is a private college established by Cho Dong-Shik. He was a Korean autonomy extremist, in Seoul, South Korea. Dongduk Women’s University is started by Dongwon Girls... Read more »
Duksung Women's University

Reputable women’s college – Duksung Women’s University

Overview- Duksung Women’s University – it is one of the private colleges in Seoul, South Korea. It established in 1920. The school was set up in 1920, as a component of the... Read more »
Ewha Womans University

Private College of South Korea for Women’s – Ewha Womans University

Overview- Ewha Womans University is a private female college in Seoul, South Korea it established by the American Methodist Episcopal Church in 1886. Presently, it is the world’s biggest female instructive foundation... Read more »

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