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The Peter A. Allard School of Law – is the graduate school of the University of British Columbia. The Faculty offers the Juris Doctor (J.D.) certificate and also the Master of Laws (LL.M.), Master of Laws in Common Law (LL.M.C.L.). The Faculty highlights courses on business law, impose law, ecological and characteristic asset law, indigenous law, Pacific Rim issues, and women’s activist lawful hypothesis too. 

It was renamed from the University of British Columbia Faculty of Law in the year 2015 to respect a $30M blessing from Peter Allard, who was a former student, which pursued a 2011 present from him of about $12M. 


UBC offered addresses in law from the year 1920, however, the college’s personnel of law was set up in the year 1945, and was served by George F. Curtis (1906– 2005) as the establishing senior member until the point that he resigned in the year 1971. Because it needed sufficient framework. The graduate school utilized armed force hovels from World War II until the point that a changeless structure was worked in the year 1951, which was named after Curtis. It was supplanted by Allard Hall in the year 2009. In acknowledgment of a gift from UBC law former student Peter A. Allard, the graduate school was renamed the Peter A. Allard School of Law on January 22, in the year 2015; it had been known as the “College of British Columbia Faculty of Law”.

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