Great college for Art and Sociology

Overview and History

The ANU is a national research university which is situated in Canberra in the capital of Australia. ANU founded in the year of 1946. The university has received the 1st rank in Australia and 7th in the world. It ranked 20th by the QS world university ranking. The college many courses which include Medical science, social science, environmental science, physical science, art and social science. The offers a great library for everyone too. The library originated in the year of 1948 and the first librarian who appointed was Arthur McDonald.

Art and sociology school

The ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences is isolated into the Research School of Social Sciences (RSSS) and also the Research School of Humanities and the Arts (RSHA). Inside RSSS there are schools which devoted to human science, history, worldwide relations, reasoning, political science and Middle Eastern examinations and Latin American studies. RSHA contains schools concentrating on works of art, human studies, English writing, prehistoric studies, film contemplates, workmanship history, show,  phonetics, sex ponders, European dialects and additionally a craftsmanship and music school also. In the year 2017, ANU positioned 6th on the planet for governmental issues, 8th on the planet for Social Policy and Administration and 11th on the planet for advanced studies.

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