One of the famous School of Social Welfare

Overview and History-

The School of Social Welfare is one of part of the University of California, Berkeley, it was set up June 1, in the year 1944 and it is situated in Haviland Hall on the UC Berkeley grounds. Its concentration is getting ready social work experts for people in general and philanthropic divisions. Berkeley Social Welfare offers an Undergraduate Major in Social Welfare with the College of Letters and Science (L&S), the M.S.W., and the Ph.D. also. Haviland Hall incorporates its own particular library, and it established in the year 1957, which contains roughly 34,400 volumes and 200 dynamic serial titles. The library initially housed volumes particularly for the social work field yet was extended in the year 2014 to incorporate training, brain research, and open strategy.

Social welfare as a field of study was initially situated in the Economics Department and was called “social financial matters”. Educator Jessica Blanche Peixotto, the 2nd lady to win at Ph.D. at Berkeley, and was procured in the year 1904 to show courses in human science and by 1912 had molded an educational program in social financial aspects concentrated on poor people. Teacher Peixotto turned into the primary lady at Berkeley to accomplish tenured staff status in the year 1918.

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