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The Moray House School of Education called as “Moray House” – it is a school inside the College of Humanities and Social Science at the University of Edinburgh. It is situated in memorable structures on the Holyrood Campus, which situated between the Canongate and Holyrood Road.

The school offers programs at all levels of advanced education, including Digital Education, Physical Education, educator preparing, Community Education and Sports science. It is likewise an inside for instructive research. The school has existed in some shape since the mid-19th century, joining the University of Edinburgh in the year 1998.


The foundation as of now known as Moray House and it was initially opened as a typical school following the Disruption of the year 1843. Known as The Free Church of Scotland’s Normal and Sessional School. It was initially situated in Whitefield Chapel, and after that in rooms underneath the Music Room in the Rose Street. In the year 1848, the school moved to its present area in Moray House, in the Canongate.

In the year 1907, this foundation converged with its Church of Scotland comparable (the Church of Scotland Training College), and the Edinburgh Provincial Training Center was framed; with the congregation preparing schools subsumed inside this organisation. The new instructing building opened at Moray House in the year 1913. Moray House College of Education was formally shaped in the year 1959.

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