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The University of Edinburgh Business School also known as the University of Edinburgh Management School until the point that 2008; abridged as UEBS and it is the business college of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. The college has offered business instruction since the year 1918, and the MBA degree since the year 1980. The business college is firmly fixing to the University of Edinburgh, which got its illustrious contract in the year 1582.


In the year of 1916, the University was empowered by the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce to consider as establishing a degree reasonable for ponder by its individuals. Thus in the year 1918, the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) was propelled. After a year, the Chair of Accounting and Business Method was established, the principal such Chair in Scotland. Initially part of the Faculty of Arts, these activities prompted the making of the Department of Business Studies and the Department of Accounting and also the Business Method. The BCom degree made due until the beginning of the 21st century before offering a route to the Master of Arts (Scotland) in Business Studies.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) was the 1st offered in the year 1980, trailed by the Part-time MBA in the year 1984. From that point forward, more than 3,500 understudies from a wide assortment of foundations, nationalities and business specialisms have finished these projects. The main Master of Science (MSc) was propelled in the year 1996. In the month of August and in the year of 2010 the School moved to an adjacent building situated at the core of the University grounds.

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