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The Faculty of Science is one of the constituent body of the University of Sydney, Australia. It was set up in the year 1882. In the year 2011, the workforce had an aggregate understudy enrolment of 6,077, hence making it the college’s 3rd-largest.

At the undergraduate level, the staff offers the degrees of Bachelor of Science (likewise in two extra streams: Advanced; Advanced Mathematics), Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Bachelor of Psychology, and Bachelor of Medical Science. Starting in the year 2013, the Dean of the workforce is Professor Trevor Hambley.


Instructing of science at the college started in 1852 and the college was set up in 1850, anyway, the main educators were based inside the Faculty of Arts. The Faculty of Science itself was set up in the year of 1882. The principal teacher of science and regular logic was Morris Pell, who was selected in the year 1852.


The staff is isolated into 8 schools and 9 disciplines:


College of Sydney School of Veterinary Science

School of Physics

School of Life and Environmental Sciences

School of Chemistry

School of History and Philosophy of Science

School of Mathematics and Statistics

School of Geosciences

School of Psychology


Ecological Science


Irresistible Diseases and Immunology

Life systems and Histology

Human Nutrition


Data Technologies


Sub-atomic Biotechnology

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