The famous ladies College of UK

Overview and History

Bedford College was established in London in the year of 1849 as the principal advanced education school for ladies in the United Kingdom. In the year 1900, it turned into a constituent of the University of London. Having assumed the main part in the progression of ladies in advanced education and out in the open life as a rule. It turned out to be completely co-educational in the 1960s. In the year 1985, Bedford College converged with Royal Holloway College, and it is another constituent of the University of London, to frame Royal Holloway and Bedford New College which shortened as RHBNC.

The school was established by Elizabeth Jesser Reid, who was a social reformer and abolitionist subjection lobbyist, who had been left a private salary by her late spouse. Dr. John Reid, which she used to disparage different generous causes. Mrs. Reid and her hover of knowledgeable companions were firm professors in the requirement for enhancing training, especially for ladies. In the year 1849, she rented a house at 47 Bedford Square in the Bloomsbury region of London and it opened the Ladies College in Bedford Square. The aim was to give a liberal and non-partisan instruction for ladies, something no other foundation in the United Kingdom which gave at the time.

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