The great option to choose the University for Architecture – University of Singapore

Overview and history-

In 1969, the University of Singapore which is the branch of National University of Singapore set up another Faculty of Architecture to offer degree programs in Architecture, Estate Management, and Building. After 3 years, the Faculty of Architecture was renamed as the Faculty of Architecture and Building.

In 1986, the Department of Building Science converged with the Department of Building and Estate Management to give the shape of School of Building and Estate Management which was therefore renamed as the School of Building and Real Estate in the year of 1997. In June 2000, the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Real Estate was rearranged into the 3 present divisions: which are like Department of Architecture, Department of Real Estate, and the Department of Building and, its name changed to the School of Design and Environment (SDE).

Since its foundation of 50 years ago, SDE remains the main Faculty in a tertiary instructive establishment in Singapore in charge and it offering the best training in building,  offices administration, engineering, urban plan, task, and land too. Amid of this period, move on from the School added to the plan, and improvement, and administration also to the Singapore’s constructed condition.

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